Huge Burmese Python Eats Full Grown Deer

A 16 foot Burmese python consumed a full grown 76-pound deer last Thursday in western Miami-Dade County, Florida.  The python had a girth of 44 inches after devouring the deer whole.  Officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission captured and killed the python, one of the largest on record, in order to help stop the spread of the invasive non-native species.

The South Florida Water Management District discovered the python while trying to eradicate exotic lygodium plants, another non-native species that does harm to Florida ecosystems.

Burmese pythons, imported from Southeast Asia as pets and then illegally released in the wild, are reproducing and thriving in the Everglades and other south Florida wetlands.  Estimated at 30,000 in number, the snake is considered both a threat to the restoration of the Everglades and to human safety, with the state working to control and eradicate the population.

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