This mission statement outlines the purpose and operational guidelines of the National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species (NECIS).


The undersigned groups commit to meeting, collaborating and sharing information with the purpose of forming a partnership to:

  1. promote sound state, federal, and international policy that prevents harmful non-native, or invasive, species from being introduced, becoming established, and spreading in the United States and other countries,
  2. support ecologically sound prevention, research, control, and eradication of invasives where appropriate, and
  3. enhance cooperation among environmental, recreational, and other natural resource-oriented and scientific non-profit groups to achieve more success in the invasive species policy arenas.

Our groups are motivated by concern for native species and their habitats; for environmental, economic, and public health sustainability; and for moral and aesthetic reasons. We are open to participation with other like-minded groups that agree with this mission statement and operate on a regional, national, or global scale. We reserve the right to exclude the participation of groups that are not motivated to support the above purposes or that act in conflict with this mission statement.

Operational Guidelines

Meeting arrangements, decisionmaking, and all aspects of the group are voluntary, with no formal membership requirements other than signing this mission statement.  No commitment to participating in, funding, or supporting any proposed course of action is required of any group. Decisionmaking by consensus is encouraged; however, when a procedural controversy arises in a meeting we agree that commonly-accepted rules of meeting order will apply, such as Roberts Rules. When members hold different policy positions, we agree to try to work for consensus.

We agree that if a number of member groups that equals at least 50% of the then-current member groups chooses to sign onto a policy position that they may use the name National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species for that policy position, except that if one or more member groups explicitly express their opposition to use of the name for that policy position, the name shall not be used.  Any communications that use the name must mention just the particular groups that have signed onto that particular position and should not imply support from any non-signers.  Other than such use of the group name on letterhead and related literature, no one should use the group name for other purposes or indicate that the National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species or any of its members has taken any position on any issue.

Our signatures below indicate support for this mission statement from our non-profit group, provided also that our signatures may be rescinded at any time for any reason.  Non-signers also may participate in meetings so long as invited by a member and they have not been excluded by a decision by the members.