Introducing the Infamous Invaders

Seriously Impacting the Environment and Our Economy

An invasive species is an organism that someone moved, on purpose or accidentally, from its native habitat to a new environment, where it thrived and multiplied to the detriment of native species or ecosystems. In addition to environmental damage, the worst invasive species can cost millions of dollars to control or eradicate, not to mention the cost when invasives ruin a crop or seriously affect a marketable species.

Here we present a series of web pages—appropriately entitled Infamous Invaders—that focus on a few of the most insidious invaders to plague our waters and lands. What’s unique about our fact sheets is that we have chosen these species to illustrate the extreme problems caused by weak U.S. policies to prevent and control invasive species. Please visit our current Infamous Invaders:

Zebra Mussel: Invader that chokes waters.

These freshwater mussels came into the United States unintentionally, sucked up into the ballast water of ships traveling from Europe to the Great Lakes. They have become one of the most damaging species to set “foot” in this part of the world.
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HydrillaHydrilla: Invader that never should have been invited here.

This freshwater plant was intentionally brought into the United States for use in the aquarium trade. A few fragments of the plant escaped, and now the plant is well established, densely packed in several waterways of the southeast, and costing a fortune to control.
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