How We Work

NECIS members use a suite of approaches to promote our goal of preventing the introduction and spread of invasive species, including advocacy, research, and education.

Largemouth Bass, photo by Robert H. Pos, USFWS

Largemouth Bass, photo by Robert H. Pos, USFWS

We work together to support the implementation of the most appropriate solutions – and the resources needed to implement them – for addressing priority pathways and vectors for the introduction and spread of invasive species. Advocacy efforts include:

  • Engagement with federal agencies to support policy development and implementation of existing laws and regulations
  • Work with members of Congress to introduce and pass needed legislation
  • Collaboration with industry and other stakeholders to develop solutions supported by all groups
  • Court action where necessary to require compliance with existing statutes and provide a supportive legal framework for invasive species prevention efforts

We conduct independent scientific, policy, and legal research and analysis to address high priority invasive species issues. These include:

  • Documenting priority vectors and pathways by which invasive species are introduced and spread
  • Analysis of the economic and ecological impact of invasions
  • Assessment of tools and approaches for addressing those vectors and pathways
  • Identification of suitable solutions capable of closing those pathways

We use media, seminars, and other educational tools and methods to engage with decision-makers, invasive species managers, and concerned citizens. Our outreach efforts:

  • Educate policy-makers, stakeholders, and the public about cutting-edge research and newly available tools to reduce invasive species risks
  • Are designed to grow the community of stakeholders interested and engaged on invasive species issues
  • Are focused on increasing support for policy change by building alliances, highlighting the work of NECIS members, and raising the profile and importance of invasive species.