NECIS Mission

promoting sound policy to prevent harmful non-native or invasive species from being introduced, becoming established, and spreading in the United States.

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Established in 2003, the National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species (NECIS) is a national partnership of several major environmental organizations that provides a united expert and scientific... 

Harmful non-native or invasive species...

can transform entire ecosystems and out-compete or consume native species to the point of extinction.

NECIS News & Action

Invasives Prevention Bills Earn Praise in Senate Hearing

The Senate Water and Wildlife Subcommittee held a hearing on several important wildlife bills yesterday, including the Invasive Fish and Wildlife Prevention Act (S. 1153), which earned praise from Senators and witnesses alike.  Dr. Bruce Stein of National Wildlife Federation testified in support of... [Continue Reading]

Intro to Invasive Species

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Invasive species are a harmful subset of non-native, introduced species that adversely affect native plants and animals, change how ecosystems work, carry diseases to wildlife, plants, or people, or cause other damage. Increasing globalization of our economy, with its extensive shipment of goods, brings...