Tackling the Challenge of Invasive Species: A Coordinated and Comprehensive National Response

Today the National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species (NECIS) released a document outlining a vision for a comprehensive national response in order to tackle the challenge of invasive species.  The vision is intended to address the inadequate authority, capacity, and coordination of the current federal response to invasive species issues.

The NECIS vision is unique in that it emphasizes the top priority of closing pathways by which additional harmful species enter the country and spread. Until these pathways are close, managing established infestations will be a never-ending burden due to a constant stream of new introductions.  Preventing harmful new invasions is the most effective–and cost-effective–method for protecting the nation from the growing threat posed by invasive species.

“Tackling the Challenge of Invasive Species: A Coordinated and Comprehensive National Response” lays out several recommendations for a comprehensive approach to addressing invasive species, identifies gaps and overlaps in responsibilities, illustrates the roles and importance of regulatory and resource management agencies, and discusses potential performance metrics to measure the success of these important efforts.

NECIS urges decision-makers, scientists, advocates, and concerned citizens to enact and push for the recommendations in this document and take an overall preventative approach to solving the problems created by invasive species. Until we formulate a comprehensive attack, harmful new invasions will continue to plague the United States at great cost to taxpayers, our ecosystems, our economy, and our way of life.

Six NECIS member organizations signed the vision document: Ecological Society of America, Environmental Law Institute, National Association of Exotic Plant Pest Councils, National Wildlife Federation, The Nature Conservancy, and the Wildlife Society.

The document may be viewed here: NECIS Tackling the Challenge of Invasives

The National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species (NECIS) is a national partnership of major environmental organizations and professional societies that is dedicated to strengthening the nation’s response to invasive species, with special emphasis on preventing future introductions of harmful species.