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Tackling the Challenge of Invasive Species: A Coordinated and Comprehensive National Response

Today the National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species (NECIS) released a document outlining a vision for a comprehensive national response in order to tackle the challenge of invasive species.  The vision is intended to address the inadequate authority, capacity, and coordination of the current federal response to invasive species issues. The NECIS vision is unique in that it emphasizes t ...[Read More]

Pet Shop Fish Confiscated At Airport

Fish headed to pet shop confiscated at O’Hare By Katie Drews A shipment of tropical fish commonly found in pet shops was recently confiscated at O’Hare Airport for breaking the City of Chicago’s invasive species ordinance, officials said.  During a routine customs inspection at the airport, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife agent discovered approximately 350 Oriental weather loaches imported from Chin ...[Read More]

The darker side of tourism – invasive species

The darker side of tourism – invasive species Troy Media Corporation Particularly on isolated islands, invasive species are wiping out native plants and animals, destroying the environment and causing massive financial headaches to cash-strapped governments. And that’s just the cost and hassle of dealing with humans, …

Global red fire ant invasions traced to southern US

ScienceDaily (Feb. 25, 2011) — Red imported fire ant invasions around the globe in recent years can now be traced to the southern U.S., where the nuisance insect gained a foothold in the 1930s, new University of Florida research has found.