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Sixth Grader Reveals Shocking New Facts on Lionfish

A sixth grader in Florida conducted research on lionfish as part of a school science fair project and is being credited with a major scientific breakthrough, according to reports.  Lauren Arrington discovered that the highly invasive, predatory, and poisonous  could survive in fresh water, which led to scientists picking up the research.  They eventually concluded that […]

A New Invasive Cockroach Escapes the Web

An invasive Turkestan cockroach, Blatta lateralis, is rapidly replacing the oriental cockroach, Blatta orientalis, in urban areas of the southwestern United States.  This invasion is notable because it may be the first time that an invasive urban pest species is widely distributed through the sale of live insects on the Internet.  They are popular among reptile breeeders […]

Boa constrictor run over in Hawaii

Hawaii News Now is reporting that a boa constrictor was run over on Hawaii’s Pali Highway.  There are no native snakes to Hawaii, and snakes are prohibited from being brought to the state.  No evidence of other snakes was found so hopefully this was just an isolated case.  It illustrates the need for sound screening […]

Senator Gillibrand Announces Bill to Prevent Future Invasive Species

PROPOSED LEGISLATION WOULD STRENGTHEN PROTECTIONS AGAINST INVASIVE ANIMAL SPECIES Senator Gillibrand introduces bill to prevent the import of harmful non-native fish and wildlife   WASHINGTON (June, 7, 2013)—Acting in the interest of the nation’s environment and economy, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) took a major step forward today to stop the import of invasive, non-native animals […]

EPA Rule Would Create Incentives to Spread Invasive Species

Last week the National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species joined a group of 96 organizations in a letter to the Office of Management and Budget  outlining concerns over a proposed Environmental Protection Agency rule that could provide incentives to spread a harmful invasive species. The rule would allow a plant called Arundo donax (also known as Giant […]

Breaking: The Economic Case for More Invasive Risk Assessments and Regulation

A new article published in Biological Invasions delves deep into risk analysis and economic cost/benefit information gathered over the last year and a half.  In the article Peter Jenkins, Executive Director of the Center for Invasive Species Prevention and member of the National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species, also recommends specific federal policy reforms that will […]

House Judiciary Committee Passes Snakes Bill

Last week the House Judiciary Committee passed H.R. 511, a bill from Representative Rooney (R-FL) that would add nine species of large constrictor snakes to the list of species that are prohibited from being imported or crossing state lines.  Unfortunately, this positive effort was undermined by an amendment to allow a broad exemption for certain exhibitors […]

Huge Burmese Python Eats Full Grown Deer

A 16 foot Burmese python consumed a full grown 76-pound deer last Thursday in western Miami-Dade County, Florida.  The python had a girth of 44 inches after devouring the deer whole.  Officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission captured and killed the python, one of the largest on record, in order to help stop […]

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Emerging Nutrient Crisis Causing Massive New Breakdowns in the Great Lakes

NWF  testifies before U.S. Senate Subcommittee on new report as part of federal examination of nation-wide nutrient pollution epidemic   ANN ARBOR, MICH. (October 4, 2011) – The National Wildlife Federation today released a report documenting new and massive ecosystem breakdowns in the Great Lakes caused by interactions between excessive fertilizer run-off from farms and […]

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Invasive species destroy Lake Michigan’s fish population 

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