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Invasives Prevention Bills Earn Praise in Senate Hearing

The Senate Water and Wildlife Subcommittee held a hearing on several important wildlife bills yesterday, including the Invasive Fish and Wildlife Prevention Act (S. 1153), which earned praise from Senators and witnesses alike.  Dr. Bruce Stein of National Wildlife Federation testified in support of S. 1153 as well as the Protecting Lakes Against Quaggas (PLAQ, […]

Take a trip to DC to tell Congress to prevent invasive species

The National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species (NECIS) is seeking participants from regions impacted or threatened by invasive species to advocate for invasive species prevention to lawmakers in the U.S. Congress.  More details below. Who: The National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species (NECIS) What: An advocacy “fly-in” to raise awareness about invasive non-native species and […]

New Invasive Species Bill Introduced, NECIS Comments

Another proposal to address invasive species  has been brought forward at the national level, demonstrating the need for decision-makers to act on invasive species challenges. Congressman Rob Bishop (R-UT-1) recently introduced a bill to direct land management agencies to plan and carry out activities to control and manage invasive species on federal lands. H.R. 3994, […]

Tackling the Challenge of Invasive Species: A Coordinated and Comprehensive National Response

Today the National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species (NECIS) released a document outlining a vision for a comprehensive national response in order to tackle the challenge of invasive species.  The vision is intended to address the inadequate authority, capacity, and coordination of the current federal response to invasive species issues. The NECIS vision is unique […]

Senator Gillibrand Announces Bill to Prevent Future Invasive Species

PROPOSED LEGISLATION WOULD STRENGTHEN PROTECTIONS AGAINST INVASIVE ANIMAL SPECIES Senator Gillibrand introduces bill to prevent the import of harmful non-native fish and wildlife   WASHINGTON (June, 7, 2013)—Acting in the interest of the nation’s environment and economy, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) took a major step forward today to stop the import of invasive, non-native animals […]

EPA Rule Would Create Incentives to Spread Invasive Species

Last week the National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species joined a group of 96 organizations in a letter to the Office of Management and Budget  outlining concerns over a proposed Environmental Protection Agency rule that could provide incentives to spread a harmful invasive species. The rule would allow a plant called Arundo donax (also known as Giant […]

Breaking: The Economic Case for More Invasive Risk Assessments and Regulation

A new article published in Biological Invasions delves deep into risk analysis and economic cost/benefit information gathered over the last year and a half.  In the article Peter Jenkins, Executive Director of the Center for Invasive Species Prevention and member of the National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species, also recommends specific federal policy reforms that will […]

Bill Introduced to Prevent Harmful Non-native Animals and Diseases

U.S. REP. LOUISE SLAUGHTER INTRODUCES BILL TO PREVENT THE IMPORT OF HARMFUL NON-NATIVE ANIMALS AND DISEASES Congress can give the Fish and Wildlife Service authority to stop costly invaders like Asian carp from ever being imported to the United States WASHINGTON (May 31, 2012)—Yesterday evening, the Invasive Fish and Wildlife Prevention Act of 2012 (H.R. […]

Wildlife Disease Emergency Act Gets Senate Hearing: NECIS Weighs In

The Senate Subcommittee on Water and Wildlife, as part of the Environment and Public Works Committee, held a hearing on several wildlife-related bills today. One piece of legislation, S. 357 the Wildlife Disease Emergency Act of 2011, was of particular interest to the National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species (NECIS). The coalition submitted testimony in […]

NECIS Comments on Climate Adaptation Strategy

Yesterday, the National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species (NECIS) delivered comments on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s draft National Fish, Wildlife and Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy. The coalition commended FWS for the development of the Climate Adaptation strategy and focused their comments on strengthening actions to prevent and control invasive species. For the complete […]

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